Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blood sugars are better, thank God!

I notice that I don't post much when I have good blood sugars. Hmmmm. I do have to note, though, that my eye is really bugging me since my blitz of highs. Like there's cellophane over it, and like it won't tear properly. I know there's nothing really wrong with it, but I worry any way.

I've been going to write some real posts, about teaching evals (grrrrrr) and boggling articles in The Chronicle of Higher Education ("Jesus is not a Republican") but instead I have: watched Napolean Dynamite with rockin people; done my Bible study; fought with the microfilm machine; helped a friend with a resume and gotten budgeting help from a friend; thought about writing; and actually written a bit. So nothing "real" here...maybe next time.

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George said...

I have to tell you that it is actually quite nice to read a blog that is all about things being good. I try to do that but most of the time they start off strong and happy and end up sad. I am always on a rollercoaster.

anyhow, keep up the good sugars!