Monday, June 26, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

9:40 am 214
11:55 pm 214
1:15 pm 83
3:30 pm 170
4:40 pm 214 (change out pump; no room-temp insulin, soooo...)
5:30 pm 313
6:00 pm 404 (change out pump, again)
7:25 pm 109
9:30 pm 124
11:30 pm 76 (this after glass of sugary soda and very sugary homemade icecream)

Sunday, June 25
8:55 am 80
10:30 am 220
12:50 pm 525 (perhaps vastly miscalculated breakfast?????)
2:00 pm 363
3:50 pm 289 (love to see the steady fall, but could it go a little faster? I'm not scrimping on
insulin, either)

5:50 pm 199
8:20 pm 131
9:35 pm 78
10:45 pm 211

7:50 am 290
8:30 am 322 (change pump, again)


julia said...

We;re going thru some similar crap over here. I've upped O's overnight basals, but she was 419 at 2:30 this morning. Sucks sweaty donkey balls. I wish I could figure it out. My only suggestion is maybe your breakfast ratio needs adjusting?

julia said...
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Kevin said...

It's always soul crushing for me when I cross over into 500-land. I feel like such a failure.

That is certainly a very bouncy day or two. Unfortunately, you won't be able figure out what's causing it without basal tests, carb ratio tests, and detailed recording of your carb intake (and even then you may not figure it all out, but it should improve the situation).

It's a lot of work, but you can do it.

Also, it might be worth trying a different vial of insulin if a second pump change doesn't do the trick. It is possible that the vial you're using may have spoiled. Don't know, just a thought.

Hopefully your next few days will be a bit more tame.

Anonymous said...

my goodness, i bet you were feeling pretty sick. i've not a sugar in the 500's since i stopped injecting (stupid teenage wanna loose weight quick moment) oh the shame!!!!

i hope you've gotten things sorted :)

Nicole P said...

Jeez, this seems to be going around. Frustrating.

I'm sorry.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I hope the pattern has changed..... But there really isn't enough info there to give any advice! One has to keep track of food eaten, exercise taken, insulin taken, comparison to other days. All I can assume is that the irritation and stress level was HIGH. It will get better. Just try and figure out one thing at a time from that list of Scott's! It is hard but can do it!