Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm showing my novice state here, but I have a few questions about blogging that maybe you'll be able to help me with. Such as 1) I really want to respond to specific comments. Is there a way I can do this right after the comment? I havent' been able to figure that out yet. 2) I would like to add a blog roll and a place for links in general. How do I do this using blogger? I see others have done it but I haven't found the magic button yet. Thanks for any guidance you can give!

In other news...the blood sugars are still on the high side, but not nearly as bad. I am a much happier camper. I read a fun book yesterday (How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents) and pretty much ignored the diss, so that was nice, too. Handsome Hubby and I had a delightful evening of "What shall we do tonight?" So, we went to Walmart, which is always an enlightening cultural experience. He made my day this morning by telling me he was going to clean my car! This is the first time in our 2 11/12 years of marriage that he has done this. Judging from my butterflies -in-my-stomach, that-is-so-romantic response, I think my "love language" (per Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages) is having people do things for me.

My car looks beautiful! And my hubby is great. :-)


Vivian said...

Hi Nic,
Welcome to the Diabetes OC. I just have to say, we are getting ready to celebrate 10 years of marriage and I think he has cleaned my car maybe twice. If you figure out what you did to make it happen, please share. =)

asskeeper said...

To respond to comments. You would just go to the comments section and post the answers. You can do this right after a post I believe. But I am not sure how to make a blog roll.

Felix Kasza said...


Regarding replies to specific comments, most will just add their note to the end but introduce it with "{Name}, ...."

To keep the myriad anomymi apart, that is sometimes extended to "{Name} @ {time of Name's comment}, ...."


George said...

go to and sign up. It is free and it rocks!

As far as commenting goes, just add a comment like you would on anyones site. I sometimes reply to the email i get when i get a comment but you have to have that turned on in your settings on

Kerri. said...

Blogrolling is the easiest way to update your links. Keeps you from having to wrangle up the html stuff on the template. Once you sign up and list your links, Blogroll will give you a little block of code to insert into your Blogger template.

Shoot me an email if you have any problems.

Good luck!