Friday, May 11, 2007


Freshly gussied up after my work out, I proudly show up at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles on day before by license is set to expire.

I am ahead of the game. And I am going to look damn good for my photo.

I get right in and give the lady my license and proof of address. I revel in my good fortune.

I take my eye exam and do just fine.

She tells me I have to take a driver's test--but just the written.

My stomach falls a bit. But it's just the written, right?

But wait--

She is writing something on a piece of paper. She slides it toward me.

"You need to call this number to get reinstated. Your license has been suspended."

"But why? Nobody told me!"

"Do you have any unpaid traffic violations? Speeding tickets?"

"I haven't had a speeding ticket in years. My parking tickets are paid up."

"Call the number and they'll tell you why and what you have to do."

So I call.

"Ma'am--we never received proof of insurance for a traffic accident that you had...June 22."

"I sent everything in right away."

"We never received it. You'll need to go to to your insurance company and get proof. Send it to the reinstatement office."

So I do, stunned that I have been driving illegally for almost a year, and that I had never heard from the BMV or the insurance company. Thankful that I had not been caught. Laughing at the incredulity that it is by trying to stay legal that I have discovered that I have been illegal.

But there is more to come.

After I visit the insurance office, I call the reinstatement office to see if I can take care of the paper work locally.

"No, ma'am. You can mail it in to the Indy office, where it will take 72 hours to process. Or, you are welcome to drive down and do it in person."

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Molasses in my veins

Molasses in my veins.
Sluggish, I test. 518.
Tubing not hooked up.

But these are the least
of my woes. One month of good
now 3 days of high.

Not two-hundred high.
Three-hundred, four-hundred, five-
hundred high. Testing a lot.

Insulin doesn't help.
4 units bring me down
only eighteen points.

Insulin is fresh.
Sites have been changed. Too often.
I'm not eating much.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sweet Feet

I have a weird-looking thing on my right foot (from sandal season) and (unrelated) shooting pains in my toes. Although these are probably nothing to worry about, I find this story quite comforting: "Honey Could Save Diabetics from Amputation." See, sweet things aren't so bad for diabetics after all!