Monday, June 26, 2006

Believe it or not, you are looking at a blog that has been fine-tuned today. Deciding that the gothic and sentimental could not hold my attention amidst the waves of high-blood sugar ickiness (culminating at a 421 -- changed pump, again, and this time the canula had a visible problem), I decided to spend time making my blog look pretty. Clearly, it's not there yet, since my template tells me it's lavendar and it at times even acts lavendar (just not consistently). But, please note, I did get blogrolling to work. I have not tested the links, yet, but I consider this a start of something good.

Hoping to continue fine-tuning the blog soon. But not if it means that high blood sugars are my motivation!

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Anonymous said...

When I decided to put a template on my blog I accidently messed it all up ended up deleting it and starting again, computers and i don't mix!!!!

i hope that those pesky sugars start to come down.