Friday, February 02, 2007

Sometimes I like Doctors

Usually I don't. Usually I need help with somethin--usually my basals or boluses--and they are unable to help me. And this inability (I usually take it as unwillingness, though this is wrong) makes me suspicious, and so I don't call for help when I need it. But my awful blood sugars prompted me to rethink my suspicions (spelling? too tired...) The thing is, despite my attempts to get my basals under control I have been skyrocketing after breakfast and then plummeting...right as I am teaching my English students. Then I have been yo-yoing the whole day, for a fabulous 38-41 finale at about 1 am. This is not acceptable.

My doctor agreed. And yesterday at my endo appointment she took my pump in her hands and redid all of my basals. She did the math on the spot (it takes me forever), adjusted the times and the rates, and...I am in love with her! Number of highs today: none. Number of lows: none. I went up to 194 after breakfast, which after the 300s is great by me.

All of my highs from the last two months are evident in my A1C. It was (as I said it would be!) 6.8. I'm happy when I'm between 6 and 7, but since I've been 6.4 for 6 months I'm a little disappointmed. Although the 6.4s were because I had a good string of I guess it balances out.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow! Sounds like she did some super awesome adjustments! That's great!

194 mg/dl after breakfast?! I'd take that in a heartbeat! I bet it feels pretty great to be a little more stable after the wild rides lately.

A 6.8 A1C is still pretty damned good in my book.

Take care!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Yeah sometimes the docs really do stand up and pull you through! I am happy for you! REALLY HAPPY!