Saturday, February 10, 2007

Raging Bolus

My tale begins at 3 am, when I awoke with a start. Usually when I do that, it means my blood sugar is out-of-control. And sure 'nough, it was. It was a nutty 423. Bleary-eyed, I did a shot of 3 units and went back to bed. At 9 am, I was an equally-out-of control 363. Clearly, my pump was malfunctioning--I had had that suspicion last night. But I was still sleepy. So I did a shot of four units and crawled back in bed. When I changed my pump, there were little globules of blood and fat in the cannula, so I think insulin simply wasn't able to deliver and absorb. That makes sense. What doesn't make since is that gazillions of units later, I am still high. I limited my breakfast to a piece of toast and did a more-than-enough bolus of 6 units. Two hours later? In the 300s. Another shot. After a nap, because it was all I was up for, I had come down to a more respectable 253 and gave into my stomach's demands for lunch. Again, I did plenty of insulin and then I braved the cold (with my loving, sacrificial husband) to try to walk off the high and the lingering high blood sugar idiocy. I am now 319.

This sucks. As does being unable to figure out if the problem is: insulin (likely, I'm room-templing a new bottle now); bad sets; a virus...the same old, same old. And as I try to play detective, I am waiting, waiting for the inevitable rage bolus low to catch up with me.


Scott K. Johnson said...

That drives me nuts when you just can't figure out what the heck is going on.

I think that often times, when I get real high like that, my BG just seems so much more stubborn.

Isn't it something though, how it makes you just want to sleep it all away?!

You're putting up a good fight, and your persistence will pay off soon - just watch out for those lows, like you say.

Hope you feel better real soon!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

It seems like you are doing everuthing right. It is so maddening how once your pump malfunctions, you get insulin resistance and then you need so much more insulin for everything! Do you have ketones? If you have ketones, be careful when they disappear b/c then your bg can drop quickly. You already seem well prepared for that. Walking will not help if you have ketones. I hopr this clears up soon. At least your "brain" is working well enough to write a post! That is nice! Good luck!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Look at all those spelling errors - MY brain or maybe it is my fingers are not working properly.

Bernard said...


Did you end up getting through it all without going too low?