Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day!!!!!!

I am originally from Minnesota. I spent the first 21 years of my life, more or less, in the snow state. Snow does not impact me. It's snowing? Okay, get out the shovel, put a blanket in the car, and keep on trucking. I am, moreover, from Brainerd, which historically does not cancel school with major snow falls. All of the school districts around us would close but not ours. The only time I really appreciated Governor Arne Carlson was when he cancelled school for most of the state because it was snowing and 60 below.

It has been a major adjustment moving to Indiana, where schools shut down based on the threat of snow. As of Monday night, all of the schools had been closed except my University. I did not cancel Tuesday's class because as of midnight Monday, no snow had fallen. By morning, 2 inches had fallen. And it was windy. I got to campus and headed to the coffee shop to find it closed due to "inclement weather." (This did not sit well. I NEEDED MY COFFEE. The weather was wintery, not inclement). In my department, which had exactly four people in it, I was asked "if we were crazy to be there." My response didn't sit well. "I don't think so, but I'm from Minnesota."

By noon, however, we were crazy to be there, as the snow had picked up and the wind was blustery. So I headed home. By noon, the University had cancelled classes for only the fourth time its history. My sour, "Indianans are wimps" softened to, "now this is really snow, and it's a snow day!" We spent the day being goofy--driving to Walmart in my brother-in-law's 4-wheel drive jeep, building snow forts, drinking cocoa with marshmallows, watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Today is also a snow day. Yay for wimpy Indianans!


Penny said...

Happy snow day (and Valentine's day) to you !!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

You're from MN!?!?!! Awesome!

Sorry - can't help but to get excited when I find some ties... :-)

Happy belated snow day!

BetterCell said...

Good Earthy/Strong coffee made with a French Press from freshly ground beans and a satisfying chocolate bar from a good Chocolatier is the only "way to go" on a cold windy snowy morning.

Nic said...

Yup, I'm from Minnesota, Scott. I love reading your blog and Minnestoa Nice and the Nefariousness (sp?) of Sarahpoo (if I have that right) for that good 'ol Minnesota connection. Here's to the comforts of red jello salad and tater-tot "hotdish!"