Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here is how desperate I am to get my bloodsugars under control: I called Minimed. It's one thing to think about calling them; it's another to actually call. It's a commitment. But I did it. And on Monday, I talked to a very nice lady about the 522 and the RealTime system. I answered her questions about my health, my insurance, whether my pump was functioning properly. And then I waited.

And yesterday, I heard back. And I answered questions about my health, my insurance, whether my pump was functioning properly. And it seems that it is unfortunate that it is, because if, for instance, it was cracked, or the buttons were sticking, they could shave off some pump-replacement cost. But I could not lie. "No, my pump is fine...Well, yes, it does give unexplained alarms."

Insurance (bless them) will cover 80% of the new pump. Which leaves us with a mere $608 to cover. They will not, of course, cover the RealTime system, which comes separately. I learned a few things about this system that I did not know before (and I have researched it extensively, having read all of the blogs and many reports and of course the MiniMed web page). The most stunning thing I learned: after spending $999 on the system, and committing to a 35-month payment plan that covers the RT and the 522, the RT will only last 9 months. 9 MONTHS. This has not been widely advertised, and I was more than a little upset about this. I should not that I don't need a new insulin pump. I don't go for the bells and whistles; I'm too stubborn to learn about them (actually, I'm too stubborn to watch the stupid videos they send). I merely need the new pump so I can have the RT that will only last 9 months -- no matter (I conclude) whether I wear it daily or monthly.

But I am, as I have noted, desperate. So in three to four weeks my expensive, short-lived RT shall arrive, along with my new, clear 522 insulin pump. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know they had payment plans with Mini Med for this system? How does that work?

Tiffany said...

9 months is the average. I talked to my pump trainer about this when I first got my transmitter four months ago, and she told me that she knows of several people who have gotten more than a year life out of the transmitter.

Guess we just have to wait and see...

Good luck with your new pump! :) FYI I started a forum for insulin pumps and we've got several Paradigm RT users discussing the system -

Nic said...

Sarah -- it's a 35 month payment plan of about $50 a month. When I bought my first pump 4 years ago, I was also able to do a payment plan. I had to ask about it; I don't know if the rep would have brought it up eventually or not. Hope this helps!

Tiffany -- thanks for the info. I'll check out the forum soon! I so appreciate all of the info I've been able to glean from pump users online.

Anonymous said...

I am excited to read your entries after you get the CGM.

Congrats on the new pump!

Anonymous said...

that's so cool. i wish i could afford something like that. once my bf and and i are on our feet, maybe i could/