Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gush, gush. I have to share a warm fuzzy story about my class. One of the books we just read is also a movie, but it's a 1994 production and is hard to get. I had to borrow the video to show it as an out-of-class extra credit opportunity, and then felt terrible when the students who couldn't make it were deprived of extra credit because the video is absolutely no where to be found in our area and they couldn't get it to do extra credit on their own.

Well, today a student comes up to me and hands me a videotape of this book. "This is for you," she says. She got it cheap in her hometown and decided to donate it to the cause. And later in the day, a different student informed me that he got a "sweet deal" on the DVD and has offered to share it with me--permanently.

I am so touched!

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