Monday, October 09, 2006

This will be a very random post. This post will, in fact, mirror my blood sugars, which refuse to be tamed by insulin. I have changed sites 4 times this weekend trying to get my steady 250s to come down, but to no avail. So, am I stressed? Sick? Recepient of a bad batch of sets? Who can tell? Anyway, back to the randomness.

  • Handsome Hubby and I went to the Louisville Zoo on Saturday. I haven't been to a zoo in ages and it was so much fun. Such a wide array of animals, including an honest-to-goodness albino alligator. It was so cool. The anacanda...less cool. A tiger made eye-contact with me. That was awesome. I'm glad he was behind protective glass, however.
  • Handsome Hubby and I are in job limbo. The limbo: he will either be fired or get a substantial raise. Let's just say spending any money (much less a new pump and RT money) is agonizing right now because we might need it. Then again, we might not.
  • Thinking of substantial raise has me thinking about not teaching next semester. To not teach would be so nice. For just once. I do love teaching though. Especially when I get paper revisions that are as stunning as the one I just graded. I am thankful for that revision, because the next one, I can tell, is going to be depressing. Hence the blogging instead of grading.
  • I got my first, "Dear Nic, thank you for your application to our University" email today. That was so exciting! I've sent out 20 applications (or close to) by now, and it's the first acknoweldgement. It's so affirming. I have 20 or so left to do. They need either a writing sample or offical transcripts. I am waiting for both (transcripts need to arrive; writing sample needs a proofreader).
  • It's a no-school day. Tomorrow, too. I'm trying to find a balance between work and rest. And I celebrated by wearing my pjs until 11 am. Now only if I could teach in my pajamas...

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Anonymous said...

I hate to stay in my PJ's but I love when I get home at 4pm, sticking them straight on after a nice warm shower and lazing in them all evening long. My boyfriend thinks this is weird.