Saturday, September 30, 2006

I was 41 at 4 am last night. I awoke to a pounding heart and what I've begun calling "the wobbles." Responsible for once, I woke my husband and asked him to get me some juice. I discovered, in the haze of 4 am, that orange juice tastes a lot better in the daylight.

I was low at 8 am; after juice, I was 98. After my workout today, for which I left my pump at home, I was 68.

I have a headache that won't quit.

And I am excited. Not about the lows or the headache, but because I had my endo appointment yesterday and she strongly encouraged me to get the GuardianRealTime. She explained how it would work and what we would need to do to get it and hopefully get insurance to cover it. She told me about one patient who within two weeks had been able to get her sugars to "flatline" -- to quit doing that nasty jumping about that mine do. How cool!

I have this fantasy that with the GuardianRealTime (covered, of course, by insurance) my blood sugars will be stable and I will feel well again. But I had that fantasy with the pump. The truth is, these are technologies, not life-changing devices. They only can have a significant impact if you are willing to work with them. Sometimes I am not. But I am still hopeful.

And, I am relieved. I had been expecting an AiC well above 7. But I stayed level -- 6.4! Wooohooo. The lows, at least, are doing their work of counterbalancing the highs. Now to get rid of them both.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

I am kind of envious of you - getting the Guardian Real Time. I will cross my fingers and hope you get that straight bg line...... I feel so weird with unexplained hypos that I feel I would never suceed! I took a puney little walk today and since then and after coke it still dropped to 35 before dinner. I think it was dropping quickly b/c I felt the hypo. Well that was good, that I felt the hypo for once! One has to look for the silver lining!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Suckage on the lows (for both you AND Chrissie!). And the headache. May they both be done with you and leave!

I agree with you 100% on the technology and it only helping if you work with it. These are not cures! I feel you on this point, big time.

Congrats on the A1C! It's nice to be pleasantly surprised every now and again.

Anonymous said...

great a1c! weldone