Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We have a frog in our house.

I have no idea how he got here.

He greeted us when we opened the door upon returning from our walk.

We tried to escort him outdoors.

He promptly hopped under our closet door and under our washing machine.

He just emerged, announcing himself by consistently bumpking into very solid, very metal doors.

He refuses to be caught.

I cannot catch him.

I am afraid of

...stepping on him in the dark of the night...

...chasing him back under the washer...

...finding his pathetic self dried up and shrivelled in the morning.



Kerri. said...

My best friend is also having frog trouble - she found one hanging out in her toilet. It keeps coming back.

She lives in the middle of the woods.

None of us were completely shocked.

Needless to say, she's using the guest bathroom at the moment. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...


One day, after having a long talk with my then 5 year old son about NOT BRINGING WORMS INTO THE HOUSE - I found a pile of worms on the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. Ew.

I was pretty sure they didn't just worm there by themselves...