Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's a commonplace that dissertation writing is like giving birth. You harbor an idea, letting it grow, and then labor (through revisions, revisions, revisions) to birth the child of your idea. What this commonplace doesn't tell you is that craving are a part of this birthing process. And throughout this process (I've been "pregnant" for two years now -- more like an elephant, I guess) I've had cravings. I could not have done my first chapter without trail mix; two pounds a week; solid hand-to-mouth movement. My second chapter I must have been okay, because I don't remember eating exhorbitant amounts of one food. Maybe ice cream. My third chapter...CAJUN TRAIL MIX. I literally thought about it all the time. When I would hop my bus home I'd have a huge smile on my face because I'd soon be with my precious trail mix. Now, chapter 4 and job docs, it's all about the carbs. Chocolate muffins, cupcakes, pizza. PIZZA. Gooey, cheesy pizza. The kind I had two nights ago, with sausage and pepperoni and green peppers and mushrooms and black olives. Normally, I'd be set with that. 3 slices would do me for weeks. But now all I can think about is pizza. I can't wait until this "child" is born!

All this is to say that I can relate with Scott's carb struggles. I know I don't "need" this food, but I feel much happier with it. And moderation may be the key, but when your body screams "more, more" it's hard to convince yourself that you don't, in fact, need more. And sometimes, I think, the body knows what it's talking about. At least, I hope so. Pizza, anyone?


Scott K. Johnson said...

And sometimes (most times?) those cravings can literally bowl over any good logical thoughts you have that tell you that you know better!

Frickin' bullies!

And we all know that there's no denying a pregnant woman - so I say, do what you gotta do to get through your dissertation, then you'll be back in charge again!

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I ate like half a loaf of WHITE bread and like 10 cookies last night. When I have a craving I have no control My blood sugars were fabulous too, until around 3am when suddenly and mysteriously they wer 279....I corrected, and then 7:45 am I was 279 again.....What a bugger this stuff can be, no wonder I haven't bought white bread in ages....Also why I should never ever ever convince myself to make cookies, no matter how I try to convince myself I should

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