Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Three Cheers!

Thanks, Julia, for telling me how to get the title field. I feel legit now. Three cheers for you!

And three cheers for my blood sugars (and for all of the prayers that I know have helped them straighten out). I increased my daily basal from 13 units to 18, but they're level (hear me scream!). Today I did not go above 200, and I haven't been able to say that in a long time. (Maybe ever?) In fact, I think I might need to cut back a bit, since I've been maintenance suspending all day. But...the numbers are just so beautiful.

Because I made such drastic changes to my insulin, I cancelled my appointment with the CDE to discuss carb counting. It was supposed to be this morning, but since I only had 1 1/2 days of numbers I thought I would be better off waiting. And even with .5 more units of insulin to cover my mornings--I doubled my basal there--I still need 5 units to cover toast, peanut butter, and milk. So maybe I'm just a reject who needs a lot of insulin to cover breakfast and food in general. We're all "special", right?

Speaking of "special"...I have a huge bruise on my thigh from my latest exercise attempt. See, my New Year's resolution was to try a new form of exercise each semester. This semester, it was supposed to be water aerobics. I got as far as putting my swimsuit in my bag. After a week, I took the swimsuit out to use the bag for something else. So, to assuage my guilt I got a TaeBo video, since I've never done TaeBo and I could do it in the cozy comfort. Good gracious! It's only eight-minutes long but I had to stop the video twice because it is so intense. And the elbow-to-knee segments are killers--my sharp elbow and my fleshy lower thight connected. Ouch! My husband says I could be a model if God had given me any grace...


Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go on the blood sugars Nic!

But maybe you should wear some protective gear the next time you do your TaeBo workout? I'm thinking like a football uniform, or one of those boxers sparring outfits?


Nic said...

I think I need protective gear all the time! Doors, tables, chairs, elbows--they just don't stay out of my way!

Bernard said...

Your comment about the TaeBo reminded me of the time I borrowed a TaeBo video at the suggestion of my endo. She said it was a good way to workout and that even her kids sometimes did it with her.

So I tried it (only a very small amount) with my kids. The only exercise they got was laughing hysterically at Dad and he struggled to keep up with Mr. Taebo. We all had a good laugh.

Since then it's been the treadmill for me. Maybe less of an overall workout, but easier on my pride.