Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Out like a light at 10:30. A respectable 178 in my blood. Shouldn't have to worry about going low.

One hour later I sit bolt up right, fighting the dry heaves and waves of nauseau. I squint for my meter and realize I left it downstairs. Will I make it?


402? Here are the moments when WTF come to mind.

I change out my pump, feeling miserable. Searching for a tell-tale air bubble in my tubing, or a bent canula, anything to explain how I would shoot up over 200 points in an hour.


My Ketostick is dark purple, a "large" among of keytones. I haven't had a purple stick in years.

I go back to bed; mumble at my husband, who rubs my back and distracts me from the violent nausea. I role over too quickly and rush to the toilet--just in case. I never threw up from a high blood sugar until I got my pump.

Two hours later, I am 278. Still purple. I drink a lot of water.

This morning, 136, and the nagging question: what went wrong?


Scott K. Johnson said...

Whoa - very strange indeed! Usually strong ketones like that take hours in the making, not so drastic like that!

I wonder what the heck happened?

Kevin said...

That sounds awful. Sorry to hear you had such a rough night. Like Scott mentioned, high ketones usually take hours to produce, so I'd guess it was either a big air bubble you missed or a serious absorbtion/delivery problem.

Glad you caught it.

Nic said...

The only thing I can think of is yoga. I did my first yoga class that night and remember thinking, whoa, my muscles are getting a workout! I can see why maybe I would keytones...maybe. But it seems a stretch (no pun intended).

billy said...

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Kelsey said...


Very odd.

I agree, that's one drawback to the pump, those crazy highs!

Glad you're feeling better!

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Chrissie in Belgium said...

HORRIBLE that you had to go through this. Some people do get ketones VERY, VERY qucikly when the pump, insertion site, bubbles, etc, etc stop insulin flow...... I am one of those people too - it is a bummer isn't it. I simply NEVER go to bed with 178 due to my fear that it could turn into higher bg values and then ketones. I end where I started - HORRIBLE