Monday, November 06, 2006

It's Monday and I actually got something done! (See me dancing?)

This despite the fact that I woke up at 319 and felt icky most of the day as I wandered from 319 to 332 to 240 to 99. But it was an icky that I could deal with because 1) I was getting things done and 2) I haven't had a day like this in sooooo long. Sometimes the diabetes Gods smile on us. That is all I can think as I review my numbers for the last week. For the most part, they've been between 80 and 130, a fact that I can only think of as an accident. I've had some lows (a scary 34 one night) but nothing terrible--but I have had a lot of juice intake going on just to keep me above low. I'm finding I like--really like--pineapple-Orange juice. Who wouldda thought? And because I declared a morotorium on A.J. for a while, when I do drink it, it's palatable.

I got my new insulin pump a couple of weeks ago. The insurance company and Minimed got everything squared away. So now I have a nice shiny 522 on my hip. The RT technology makes it amazingly heavy to hold, but not to wear. While I breaking my 522 in--trying to get up the guts to try the bolus wizard, which I did not use with my 512 (dare I confess: I don't count carbs. I don't know my carb-to-insulin ration. My head spins just looking at all the numbers the Bolus Wizard requires)--I don't yet have the RT. 1,500 people are waiting for them and they are backorder 8 weeks. I'm glad. Maybe the backlock of people willing to wait so long and pay full price out-of-pocket will help insurance companies get on the ball?

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