Monday, August 21, 2006

Some irreverance is in order.

Alternative careers for me:

Founder of a website called: Don't know what it would be about -- maybe no content at all. I just really like the name. I like the suggestion of the name.

Barista (fully clothed) at Starbucks. Their health insurance is better than mine. There's no thinking involved. Just have to get the foam right.

High School English Teacher. I can teach thousands of students to hate The Scarlet Letter.

Any other suggestions?


Kerri. said...

Film star. Basketball legend. Spider hunter. Motivational Speaker. CBC Director (like our favorite, Ms. Kassie G.) Teacher (sounded good to me when you suggested it). Freelance photographer. Pharmacist (lots of school involved there but I bet you'd be brilliant). Day-Care Activities Coordinator (you seem fun).

I'll research more and get back to you. I'm sort of partial to Spider Hunter, though, because one just dropped out of nowhere and bared its little fangs at me. I completely freaked out and leapt up from my desk.

Nic said...

You're brilliant! We had a spider the size of a half-dollar a few months ago. I discovered it with my dusk-penatrating super vision -- and let my vaccuum-hose wielding sidekick dispatch it.

Thanks for indulging my reverie!

Sandra Miller said...

"Spider Hunter," eh?

My son gave the career a whirl last summer and found it most satisfying.

Though he did specialize in the live capture, keeping many of the little creatures in various containers in his room.

Must say, I'm glad he's turned his attentions this summer to "Girl Hunting."

Then again, I may not be so glad when he actually catches one ;-)