Monday, August 14, 2006

I haven't posted recently, mostly because things have been going well. That, and I realized that I use this blog as a complaint forum when in fact I should be focusing on being thankful. And I am thankful:

-Thankful that my bad bloodsugar blitz is over
-Thankful that my husband's graduation party went well, despite the chaos preceding it
-Thankful that we have good insurance
-Thankful for my family and in-laws (who I frequently complain about but who are actuallly pretty cool)
-Thankful for a productive summer
-Thankful that my advisor gave me the go-ahead for the job market this fall

And thankful for the words of friends who help me think about the testimony I bear. It turns out that two friends were talking about me the other day, and one marveled at my empathy toward others, my serenity, and -- hah! my can-do attitude. "I wonder," she said, "if it's because of Nic's diabetes." As the other party was relaying this this to me, I chortled. "I can't believe that! Yesterday, I called my parents and WHINED about being diabetic. I was so sick of it. And serenity? I am always freaking out." "Well, Nic," she said. "You have a calm and encouraging demeanor. You hide everything well."

I frequently worry that I have an opposite effect on people, because I really am a worry-wart, type-A personality. So this exchange was encouraging. But then I thought of the persona I am on this blog, and see that this is my outlet for the worries, the stress, the annoyance of being diabetic. This is where I channel all of these things because here people will understand -- even if they do think I'm shallow and wound too tightly.

And as I begin the new school year and seek to juggle diabetes, wifehood, the job-market, teaching, and dissertation finishing, as well as friends, family, in-laws, and increasing church responsibilities, I resolve to try to be thankful above all...


Anonymous said...

we all need a good whine now and then, it's healthy. i just whine and moan more than others.... just ask my boyfriend. he he he :)

Andrew said...

That DOES sound like a heck of a juggling act. Good luck with all of it, especially the diabetes, cause I suspect if that one goes, the rest would as well.
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